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Signs of Needing a Medical Staffing Agency

There is no doubt that there are many strategies that can be used to meet staffing needs. Are you confident that your current HR strategy meets your requirements? There are subtle signs of a shortage of staff in the medical facility, and productivity can be dangerously low before you realize the problem. Here are some obvious signs that it may be time to partner with a medical agency.
  • Staff is starting to get burnt out.

If the medical facility is understaffed, the workload cannot simply be reduced. Patient care needs do not match your workforce. Rather, the facility needs to adapt to the ever-changing workload. In fact, ignoring the signs of burnout can reduce productivity and lead to catastrophic accidents.

When you realize that your team members are doing a lot of hard work, it’s time to act. Temporary hiring agencies have the option of temporary, part-time, or full-time positions, making them ideal for these short-term needs.

  • When you are paying too much overtime.

Certainly, it’s best to fix the problem before the team burns out. Monitoring salaries and time clocks can help fill staff shortages before they become long-term problems.

A slight increase in overtime indicates that the current workforce is inadequate and it is time to move. Long-term employees tackle challenges in a short period of time but always get the help of an HR partner before reaching the limits.

  • Scheduling takes too much time.

Organizing your work schedule needs to be one of the most important tasks, but it’s far from the only one on your plate. If you find that your daily workload mainly consists of exchanging vacation requests, calling, and approving overtime, it’s clear that staff is in urgent need.  Working with agencies allows you to spend more time on other tasks and become a more productive and effective leader.

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