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Essentials for Travel Nurses To Have a Successful Shift

You’re back on the road, hopping from place to place. That’s the life of a travel nurse—a new position you’re proudly embracing with your travel nursing luggage in tow.

Now the question is, does that luggage include all you need to succeed as a travel nurse at your forthcoming job site?

The fact is that deciding what to bring with you vs what to leave behind may be a difficult undertaking when transferring to a new city or state. Certain objects, however, should always accompany you.

Here’s a list of the nursing necessities you should always bring with you when you travel. 

  • Important Documents

Personal documents are one of the most important nurse pack items to bring with you on your next job. These vital documents include a contract with a roadside assistance provider, insurance policy, essential travel documents (e.g., a passport), car insurance papers, Social Security identification card, and identification cars.

In addition to carrying these documents with you, keep them safe in your new temporary residence. Having these documents on hand will save you the worry, time, and money that would otherwise be spent on having a family member or friend mail these documents to you in an emergency.

You should also provide readable copies of any professional qualifications you have obtained, as well as your RN license. The travel nurse staffing organization you work with should have this information as well, but you should also save digital copies in case you need to submit them at your workplace.

  • Home Needs

Among your travel nursing necessities should be a few personal items that are valuable to you. For example, images of friends and relatives might help you feel connected to loved ones who live far away. You can also bring modest mementos from the most important individuals in your life, such as a note from a significant other.

Check to see if your favorite music is likewise easily accessible on your smart gadget. Because music may reduce stress, consider making your own playlist to listen to on your commute to work or during your lunch break. Similarly, bring along your favorite novels to read in your spare time.

  • Medical Supplies and Medicines

First-aid kits are also important nurse pack requirements for on-the-go nurses. Although you will most likely be working in a hospital for your travel nurse assignment, having these emergency supplies on hand for the commute to and from work is still a good idea.

Your nursing necessities for medicine include prescription pills, ibuprofen, and aspirin.

  • Information about Emergency Contacts

No list of nurse pack needs would be complete without mentioning emergency phone numbers.

Having these facts on hand and in one location can make it easier for you—or a teammate, if necessary—to deal with an emergency scenario that arises while you’re on the job.

  • Clothes

Nurse pack necessities for travel workers include appropriate clothing as well as backup clothing. Check with your temporary employer to ensure that you are wearing the proper sort of scrubs for your assignment and work environment. If you will be working in cooler conditions, consider wearing thicker scrubs or even thermal underwear.

Other necessary items of clothing are backup scrubs and even casual clothes for days when you need to change into ordinary clothes directly after work for a particular occasion or activity. A pair of comfortable footwear and an umbrella are also essentials for any serious travel nurse.

  • Device for Keeping Time

Lastly, make sure your nurse necessities list contains a reliable watch, as you will most likely be maintaining time while working with patients. Even better if your watch is waterproof.

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