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Are You Prepared for National Nurses Week?

Nurses are essential in a wide range of healthcare settings. Every year, they help millions of people all over the world. In the last year, the nurse has come to represent the image of an American hero. RNs have demonstrated to the world that nursing work is unrivaled in terms of dedication, compassion, and sacrifice. Their contributions during the pandemic will live on in the American psyche for the rest of time.

Total Nurses Network Is Excited To Participate In National Nurses Week 2022

Nurses are essential at all stages of our lives. They help bring new life into the world while also celebrating with new parents. They provide care for sick children and assist in keeping students healthy in school. Because of the diverse experiences that nurses provide, adolescents and adults gain new perspectives on wellness and preventative medicine. The thoughtful and gracious work of nurses in hospitals, clinics, LTAC facilities, and elsewhere brings comfort to seniors and those in palliative care.

A nurse lives in one out of every ten families in our country. Nurses are all around you; they are your neighbors, friends, fellow parents, and fellow citizens. In the United States, registered nurses (RNs) are the largest group of health care professionals. Nurses’ specialties vary widely, but they are all committed to providing high-quality care to all patients.

Aside from providing direct care at the bedside, nurses can become certified in a variety of clinical skills and/or patient populations and work in direct care, executive leadership, research, academia, and policy. Total Nurses Network, as an agency founded and run by nurses, recognizes our Travel, Local, Per Diem, and Government clinicians and nurse entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

Total Nurses Network Is Proud to Support National Nurses Week

This year, Total Nurses Network will be celebrating National Nurses Week!

“I attribute my success to this — I never gave nor took an excuse,” Florence Nightingale, widely regarded as the mother of modern nursing, famously said. That is the heart of the Total Nurses Network, many of whom rushed to the bedside selflessly to care for those in need during this once-in-a-generation health crisis.

Nurses’ willingness to put their own safety and health at risk in order to save lives will be celebrated and honored long after National Nurses Week is over. Thank you to all of our wonderful nurses for everything you do!

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