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Ways on How to Keep Your Top Nurses

The nursing shortage has been a known factor when it comes to healthcare staffing for the past few years. If you are experiencing a shortage with your RN staffing, most agencies can relate. Many, if not all, facilities are having a hard time retaining top nurses regardless of outstanding compensation.

Here are some of the things you need to consider to retain your top nurses:

  • Providing Flexible Scheduling

Nurses know by themselves that their job is noble and is merely needed by the community, the option to have control over their schedule is really something they have power on. Not just for nurses, this is really something everyone dreams of when it comes to a working setup. If you will give your nurses the benefit of choosing their preferred shifts, you can get a higher chance of them staying in your agency or company.

  • Providing Proper Recognition For Employees Achievements

In every industry, there is one complaint that sets it apart from the rest. It’s a lack of gratitude. Showing proper gratitude is as easy as paying attention to your nurse’s work and providing sincere praise. It’s well worth the effort, as it can only take one big complaint to get an employee to consider resigning.

  • Avoid Overtime For Nurses as Much as Possible

Overtime for nurses means spending time more on work than with their families, which is a heavy factor when it comes to working burnout. Work burnout can then lead to possible resignation of employees, including those on the top. So the best prevention for work burnout is the reduction of overtime for the employees.

  • Constant Employee Reviews

Performance assessments, when done properly, will not hurt your staff, nor make them uncomfortable. This will actually provide them an opportunity to express what they think they need to provide better performance on the team, and to keep them happy.

  • Doors for Career Growth

Improving skills and taking on new responsibilities is a shared goal of most nurses. By providing plenty of training opportunities, you will help your employees find the value of their work far beyond their salary. Standard continuing education credits are cheap and easy to buy online, so you need to dig deeper to differentiate yourself from your competitors. That may include offering training and access to special skills seminars that are free of charge. That can be a great motivator for your employees to stay and enjoy working in your agency or company.


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