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Helpful Tips as a Thriving New Nurse Graduate

As a recent nursing graduate, you may feel as if you have a lot on your plate. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of pointers to get you started on the right track.

Here are helpful ways to ensure you remain organized, fully motivated, and focused as you thrive as a new nurse graduate:

  • Portfolio and Career Plan

It is nearly impossible to measure your success if you do not have a plan. Spend some time reflecting on the type of career you want to pursue and creating a plan.

Be specific about your goals and stick to them. please do not worry. Career plans often change. Remember to keep your travel plans up to date to become an All-Star Nurse.

Maintaining a well-organized career portfolio is also essential. Your education credits, certifications, career plan, resume, and any other relevant documents should all be included in your portfolio.

  • Acquire Experience

As a new nurse, it is important to be prepared for success early on. Gaining clinical experience is the most important path to your dream nursing career.

To travel, most travel nurse companies require 1-2 years of nursing experience.

It is strongly advised that new nurses gain experience in an acute care setting, preferably on the staff of a hospital. Try to get the majority of your experience as a nurse in one area during your first few years. This will make your experience appear substantial and trustworthy.

  • Go Beyond Expectations

You should not rely solely on application submissions. As a new nurse, building relationships and taking initiative will increase your chances of being remembered and landing the job you want.

Contact the units that interest you and arrange for facility tours. Make direct contact with employees and unit managers. Connect with clinicians and facilities on social media to stay up to date on important news and events.

Finally, be organized for interviews. Projecting self-belief and understanding simply is a valuable asset whilst looking for your dream job.

  • Facility Sizes: Large vs. Small

For new nurse graduates, both large and small facilities provide unique benefits and experiences.

Large facilities are ideal for training in a specific area. They have large staffs, are process-oriented, and will provide you with the assistance you need to receive thorough training. However, if you are a new nurse, it is usually more difficult to get hired at a large facility.

Small educational institutions offer great opportunities for education in a variety of disciplines. Their staff need to be smaller and their nurses need to be more adaptable. Finding a job at these facilities may be easy, but in small hospitals the number of patients and acute severity can vary significantly.

  • Be Prepared to Float

“Floating” means moving from one unit to another. Due to facility staffing issues, a nurse who is permanently assigned to one unit may need to be moved to another unit.

Diversity is an essential feature of a good travel nurse. As a nursing graduate, stay open to the floating-it makes you more “marketable” as a travel nurse and opens the door to more jobs in more places.

Travel nurses who wish to hover are considered an important resource, as travel nurses are often deployed to make up for staff shortages. Floating gives you an irreplaceable experience, adapts you, and gives you a better understanding of your clinical environment.

  • Obtain Certification

Obtaining additional nursing qualifications greatly increases your position in the employment market and your profit potential. It also provides the knowledge and experience needed to provide superior care to patients.

  • Obtain Your Compact License

The Nurse License Compact (NLC) grants nurses to get a multi-state license and practice in any state that is part of the compact without the need for additional licenses. Obtaining a compact license as a new nurse will significantly increase your job opportunities.

Most travel nursing companies require at least one year of bedside experience to become a travel nurse, but by gaining the necessary experience and obtaining a compact license, you can advance your travel nursing career. You can prepare.

  • Look for a Mentor

Take you under their wings and find an experienced nurse ready to help you succeed. Building relationships with people who are patient and willing to answer questions is a great resource for learning the basics. If you can’t connect alone, feel free to ask questions. Doing your job well is of utmost importance.

  • Continue to Move Forward

Same with any other profession, there is always room for improvement and advancement as a nurse.

Stay up to date on the latest research and information relevant to your goals if you want to land the nursing job of your dreams.

Develop the qualities of a nurse leader by expanding your professional network, researching additional training and certifications, and cultivating the qualities of a nurse leader.

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