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Fixing Too Many Nursing Vacancies Quickly

Have you just received another illness note about the next shift that exacerbates staff shortages? Coordinating with the Total Nurses Network (TNN) is one of the quickest ways of fixing this issue. Our hired nurses are adaptable and reliable and are always encouraged to continue their education to ensure that their practices are appropriate and up-to-date. While there are other options for filling vacancies, choosing TNN is an easy way to get extraordinary help without headaches or paperwork.

Difference of Casual Pooling vs Agency Nursing

Casual pool maintenance is usually a bit more structured. Instead of working at an agency where you can be asked to work anywhere (within your abilities), you are helping to fill vacant seats within a single organization.

Preventing Nurse Burnout

​Nurse burnout is a very normal thing for nurses due to overtime that may happen at work, especially to those who are working full-time. Taking care has been the one main goals that oftentimes they forget to take care of themselves, constantly pushing themselves towards burnout. With a nursing agency, you have the option to choose the time you only wish to take shifts, which will surely help you prevent burnout due to overworking.

In summary, the next time you promote your work in the nursing department, consider filling it with temporary workers. Not only have they completed compulsory skills such as hand hygiene and fire training, but some have successfully completed graduate studies. That is, they are very knowledgeable. These noble nurses are always ready for work, but they also need some rest to maintain their competency, which will prevent possible high vacancy slots.