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Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance as a Travel Nurse

Nursing can be a very difficult task, and doctors often struggle to bring the stress of work home. This can create an overwhelming cycle that affects many caregivers, especially during a pandemic. Maintaining a balance between healthy work and life is very important for travel nurses as it helps to relieve emotional and mental tensions and the feelings of burnout. There are some small changes you can make to your daily life to improve the balance between work and life and to clarify every aspect of your life.

  • Create a Regular Wake-Up Pattern

The life of a traveling nurse is full of uncertainty and sometimes turmoil. Supposing “stability” has a different meaning when moving from place to place, and contracts are constantly changing. A basic wake-up routine helps to develop a sense of control and stability. This is very beneficial for work where the two days are not the same.

Studies display that each your mentaland physical health can advantage from a steady morning habil that may be tailored to fit your needs. This may be something from a sluggish drink of a tumbler of water while you wake up, to a 10-minute meditation or maybe a 15-minute stroll outside. These brief moments with your self will assist you put together for the day ahead.

  • Take Social Media Hiatus

Taking a break on social media is a healthy habit for everyone living in the 21st century, but it is especially relevant for traveling nurses. Many of us take breaks at work, scroll through social media apps, and escape reality for a  while. However, between  patient care and trying to find the next contract, social media can add relatively stress and unnecessary pressure to the mix.

A short break from social media encourages more personal social engagement, increases productivity at the moment of devoting yourself (including lunch breaks), and reduces blue light pickup from mobile phones/laptops and can improve sleep. Rather than scrolling through TikTok before going to bed, listen to the podcast.

  • Spend Some Time Trying New Things

It is great to step out of your comfort once in a while to protect your mental health from burnout. You can try activities such as workshops, hiking, or simple traveling in local places near you.

Studies display that attempting new things basically acts as a great workout for your mind that can further enhance it. And along the way, who knows if you will be able to find a new hobby of yours. Using your free time to learn new skills and improve yourself is a great way to improve your work-life balance.

  • Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

We are all familiar with the phenomenon of taking work home. The amount of emotional energy a nurse gives to a patient every day is astounding, and it is very difficult to “turn off” the working brain when returning home. Listen to  guided meditation in the car after the shift to promote a healthy work-home separation. This helps to soothe protracted anxiety and calm the racing mind. Practice that combines the mental transition from the workplace with the physical activity of returning home helps to  build a cognitive boundary between the two. Journaling is another great way to take care of your work and leave them on the page.

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