2024 Nurses’ Holidays & Recognition Days Calendar

There are many notable days throughout 2024 to appreciate the invaluable work of nurses. From national awareness weeks to honor specific nursing specialties, to individual days recognizing aspects of nursing practice, next year offers plenty of opportunities to celebrate these dedicated healthcare professionals.

January – February

The early months of 2024 feature several nursing commemorations, focusing on specialty areas like nurse anesthesia, ambulatory care, perianesthesia, critical care transport, and more.
  • CRNA Week (Jan 21-27)

    CRNA stands for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. This national awareness week in late January recognizes the important role these advanced practice nurses play in delivering anesthetics and pain management services. It’s a chance to honor their training and lifesaving skills.

  • IV Nurses Day (Jan 25)

    Intravenous (IV) therapy is one of the most common procedures nurses regularly perform. January 25th specifically appreciates IV nurses for initiating and maintaining IV access, infusion management, and more.

  • Ambulatory Care Nurses Week (Feb 5-9)

    Nurses in ambulatory care settings assist patients undergoing tests, procedures, and surgery outside of hospitals. Often in clinics and surgical centers, they ensure quality, coordinated care. This week in early February salutes their versatility and care coordination.

  • PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week (Feb 5-11)

    Perianesthesia nurses deliver crucial care right before, during, and after surgical anesthesia. This week recognizes their vital supporting role around anesthesia procedures.

  • Critical Care Transport Nurses’ Day (Feb 18)

    These specially trained nurses work in challenging pre-hospital and emergency transport settings. February 18th honors their skills in stabilizing and evacuating critically ill patients to higher levels of care.

March – April

  • Certified Nurses Day (March 19)

    This day honors the dedication of nurses who earn specialty certifications in areas like critical care, oncology, pediatric care, and other specialties. Pursuing advanced certification improves competency.

  • Occupational Health Nurses Week (April 7-13)

    Nurses working specifically with employee health, safety, and well-being deserve appreciation for safeguarding and supporting workers. This week recognizes their role in protecting workforces.

  • Radiology Nurses’ Day (April 12)

    From operating complex machinery to aiding image-guided procedures and assessments, radiology nurses contribute uniquely to diagnostic excellence. This day appreciates their technical specialty.

  • Transplant Nurses Week (April 22-29)

    Nurses manage intense complexities surrounding organ donation and transplantation. Their skilled care of donors, recipients, and families is invaluable. This week honors their compassion and expertise.

May – June

  • Oncology Nurses Month (May)

    Caring for cancer patients, survivors and families requires special knowledge and sensitivity. Designating May as Oncology Nurses Month honors those meeting unique challenges.

  • National Nurses Day (May 6)

    Part of National Nurses Week beginning on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 6th specifically celebrates commitment to quality care and patient advocacy.

  • International Nurses Day (May 12)

    Building on National Nurses Week, May 12 concludes the international celebration of nurses’ irreplaceable contributions worldwide.

  • National Skilled Nursing Care Week (May 12–18)

    This week recognizes nursing facilities’ comprehensive post-acute rehab and care, especially for aging adults and medically complex patients. Their support facilitates recovery.

  • Neuroscience Nurses Week (May 12–18)

    Nurses working in neurology and with conditions like stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, and brain injury deserve specialized recognition for meeting complex needs.

July – September

  • Nephrology Nurses Week (September 8–14)

    Nurses specializing in kidney care, dialysis, hypertension, and fluid/electrolyte balance deserve honor for supporting the function of this vital organ system.

  • Neonatal Nurses Week (September 14–20)

    The highly specialized skills of NICU nurses are critical for fragile newborns. This week recognizes their essential role in nurturing infants’ growth & development.

October – November

  • National Hospice & Palliative Care Month

    Providing medical, emotional, and spiritual support to patients with life-limiting illnesses takes special compassion. This month honors this philosophy of care.

  • National Midwifery Week (October 6–12)

    Midwives guiding childbirth and women’s reproductive health deserve appreciation for their holistic, woman-focused care model and advocacy.

  • Pediatric Nurses Week (October 7-11)

    Nurses specializing in caring for kids and teens expertly put young patients at ease while meeting their unique needs.

  • Emergency Nurses Day (October 11)

    ER nurses triage rapidly evolving, critical illness and injury with quick prioritization and intervention. Their skills save lives daily.

  • National Nurse Practitioner Week ( November 10–16)

    Highlighting their advanced education, autonomy, and specialization, this week honors nurse practitioners across all specialty areas.

  • Perioperative Nurses Week (November 10-16)

    OR nurses’ meticulous care before, during, and after surgery requires intense attention and accuracy. This week salutes their surgical support role.

  • Operating Room Nurse Day (November 14)

    Part of Perioperative Nurses Week, November 14th specifically recognizes OR nurses’ indispensable surgical assistance in enabling operations.

  • Forensic Nurses Week (Dates TBD)

    Applying medical skills to legal processes, forensic nurses aid crime victims and support criminal cases. This week spotlights their unique crossover role.


Nurses deserve appreciation and recognition every day for their life-saving care. The observances throughout 2024 are opportunities for extra acknowledgment of nurses’ clinical expertise, compassion, and dedication in a variety of healthcare settings.

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The nurses we work with demonstrate compassion, critical thinking, and specialized abilities honored through the various recognition days and weeks noted in this 2024 calendar. We appreciate and celebrate nurses every day, not just during formal observances.

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