10 Best Companies for Travel Nursing In Chicago That Make a Dream Job

Hello to all aspiring and current nurses out there! As you enter your nursing journey, you may have heard about the unique career that combines the thrill of travel with your chosen profession. Yes, that’s right – becoming a travel nurse

Travel nursing allows you to work in different healthcare settings while exploring diverse cities or even countries. 

Over recent years, travel nursing has soared in popularity. This is all because of the proven growth, experience, and open doors for their nursing roles.

As Chicago becomes a hotspot for this profession, we’ve gathered a list to guide you through the best companies for travel nursing. You can make this dream job a reality from here on!

Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

We know that becoming a registered nurse comes with rewards and challenges. You might think it might seem like you can’t reach it, but you can.

Many travel nursing companies can cater to your needs, especially in Chicago. Before we proceed, let’s look at a few benefits of being a travel nurse.

1. The Adventure that Awaits

Travel nursing has always combined the pleasure of travel and the duty of helping people with our profession. This can be your starting point because of Chicago’s diverse culture and history.

The Windy City and all these other places can be your key to gaining experience and confidence. We know there will be much to learn in this fulfilling career. 

2. Exposure to the Medical Field

Whether you’re a beginner or have been in this field for years, every experience counts. Travel nursing allows you to work from bustling city hospitals to calm rural clinics.

This kind of exposure helps you understand what happens in different healthcare settings. It also makes you flexible and versatile to do anything as a professional. 

3. Flexible Schedule

Another benefit of travel nursing is the flexibility it offers. Whether you are attracted to short-term assignments, explore different places, or learn a particular culture, there’s always something for everyone.

4. Generous Compensation Offers

Did you know that a travel nurse can make an average of $1,800 weekly? The compensation is often higher than in traditional nursing roles. This is a good start for those:

  • Fresh out of school
  • Paying off student loans
  • Saving for their family

5. Professional Growth

We know it may be a bit overwhelming. Being far from home and adjusting to a different place. However, travel nursing offers the chance to expand your network.

With each assignment, you can meet new professionals, learn from experts, and create connections that benefit you. 

Doing this experience can also make your resume stand out. It makes sure that you are always in demand. 

Job Opportunities in Travel Nursing

A lot of cities are offering both beginner nurses and those with years of experience to get their dream nursing job. Here are a few exciting and professionally enriching job opportunities for this career path. 

1. High Demand

It’s true when we say that this profession has a high chance of hiring! Things like intensive care, emergency room nursing, or labor and delivery tend to have consistent needs for travel nurses.

As you remain in this field, remember to stay flexible and open-minded. As you are dealing with culture, you will also deal with factors like:

  • Staff shortage
  • Seasonal fluctuations
  • Specialized assignments

2. Variety of Assignments

The healthcare system is not just limited to letting you work at world-class hospitals. This also means the opportunities can come from medical centers, community clinics, and local medical events. 

Having these assignments can expand your professional career. For example, if you support a local marathon event for one month, you can work in a pediatric clinic next. 

There are a lot of opportunities that can tailor and meet the assignments you want. 

3. Commitment-Based

Aside from flexibility and your freedom to choose your assignments, your job can vary in duration. 

If you prefer a short-term assignment, this can definitely happen. As a travel nurse, you can last anywhere from a week to a few months. 

If you want a long-term commitment, you can last for several months and gain experience. Also, this helps you understand what you like better. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Travel Nursing Company

We’ve dealt with the benefits and job opportunities. Now, let’s move on to selecting the right company for you. This is especially important because these companies can guide and support you along the way. Here’s what you need to consider:

1. A Smooth Recruitment Process

You might not be familiar with the typical recruitment process if you’re new to this. Finding a company that provides a clear, transparent, and supportive recruitment experience should be number one on your list.

These companies usually have dedicated staff who can guide you through required documentation, licensing procedures, and other hurdles. 

They’ll be there to answer questions, offer advice, and ensure you’re placed in assignments that match your skill level.

2. Matches your Needs

Travel nursing is all about variety. You’ll benefit from experiencing different medical settings to determine your preferred ones.

Looking for a company that does this can expand your career opportunities and let you gain numerous experiences.  

Being able to choose your location is also crucial. Maybe you’re looking to stay close to family, or perhaps you’re eager to explore new cities. Choose a  company that offers a range of locations that can cater to what you need and want.

3. Compensation, Benefits, and Housing Provisions

While experience does magic to your profession, ensuring you are rightly paid for your job is super important. In addition to that, having secure living arrangements is also something you need to watch out for.  

You might not have a clear idea of industry-standard compensations or benefits, but have a company that offers:

  • Competitive pay
  • Comprehensive health benefits
  • Housing stipends or accommodations. 

This ensures you’re well taken care of, allowing you to focus on enhancing your nursing skills.

4. Good Reputation and Reviews

Be in a company you hear from those who’ve worked with them.

Reviews from fellow nurses can provide insights into the company’s support system, vision, and the overall satisfaction rate. Aligning yourself with a reputable company can bring a positive outcome to your journey. 

10 Best Companies for Travel Nursing in Chicago

Travel nursing has not only been a prosperous profession. It also has been a way for personal adventure and professional growth. 

If you are looking for a field here in Chicago, aligning with a company that understands your needs is a must. 

Below are the ten best companies for all travel nurses looking for a job in this city known for its good healthcare system and vibrant culture. 

1. Total Nurse Network

Founded on the principle of nurses helping nurses, Total Nurse Network has become one of Chicago’s trusted agencies.

With competitive pay, continued education opportunities, and a vast network, it’s a choice destination for many of you, nurses.

2. Aya Healthcare

From ICU to Pediatrics, Aya Healthcare has a vast range of specialties, making it suitable for almost any nurse.

Many nurses have found their dream assignments because of this company’s supportive environment and responsive recruiters.

3. AMN Healthcare

AMN provides a whole lot of opportunities across various settings. This is because of the largest healthcare staffing agencies.

Their mentorship programs and state-of-the-art technology make sure nurses have a seamless experience.

4. FlexCare Medical Staffing

If you are eager to jump right into action, FlexCare is known for its swift placement. This company has a dedicated support system. You will never feel unsupported or isolated.

5. Cross Country Nurses

With assignments ranging from large hospitals to rural clinics, there’s something that can mainly be for you. 

Continued education and training sessions are found here. You are always at the forefront of their profession.

6. Fastaff Travel Nursing

Known for recognizing the value of their nurses, Fastaff offers some of the industry’s highest compensation packages.

This company consistently acknowledges and rewards you for your dedication and hard work.

7. Aureus Medical Group

With decades of experience, Aureus stands as a pillar of reliability in the industry. Beyond job placements, they offer credentialing, licensure assistance, and more.

8. Medical Solutions

Working with top hospitals ensures you get invaluable experience. Everything is tailored for your convenience and well-being in this company. This is from housing to health benefits.

9. Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA)

This company has health, dental, and retirement benefits. TNAA makes sure you have a secure future. The company’s vision is also to understand that your needs are unique. Your assignments are tailored to individual preferences and specialties.

10. Triage Staffing

Minimal waiting makes sure you can quickly transition between assignments. This agency is clear and upfront about contract details. They make sure you know precisely what you are signing up for.

In A Nutshell

Chicago is undeniably a dream city for travel nursing. However, as exciting as it may be, your career success depends on the travel nursing company you choose.

We have placed all the best travel nursing companies that come with their strengths. We encourage you to go through deeper research and consider the factors and the benefits that will help you grow and care for your well-being.   

For nurses looking to combine their love for patient care with the thrill of new experiences, these companies in Chicago offer different opportunities. With choosing the right company, travel nursing can indeed be the dream job you aspire to have.